I got the three wishes from Luang Pu

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The Most Ven. Phramongkolthepmuni (Sod Chandasaro)’s Power
I got the three wishes from Luang Pu
Edited from the Inner Dreams Kindergarten Program broadcasted on DMC
I pay the highest respect to the Most Ven. Phrarajbhavanavisudh,

Ms. Worawan Thanompong

I am Ms. Worawan  Thanompong, 48 years old.  I am the business owner whose company provides one stop service of pocket book production for many publishing houses.  I have the editor, writer and graphic designer teams to do it.  My life now is so good but if I didn’t get Luang Pu’s helps, my life would not be like this.  Here is my story.

After I got married and gave birth to my first son, I resigned my work at Lokthip magazine to bring up my son at home.  Later, my husband had a concubine and he gave me only 100 Baht for 5 people’s three meals while he got the salary as much as over 30,000 Baht/month.

Sometimes, my son cried and asked me to buy the sweet which its price was only 5 Baht, but I had the tear in my eyes and had to carry him away because I did not have enough money.  From these reasons, I had to sell my collected gold, about 10 Gold Baht, I sold it 25 or 50 Gold Satang per time until I had the last piece, only 1 Gold Baht.  And then, I heard that Dhammakaya Temple would cast the first Gold Statue of Luang Pu Sod Chandasaro in 1994, I decided to offer my last gold to make this merit at once because I thought that if I didn’t offer this gold to make merit, I would sell it to spend for living, if I could not keep it, let it become my new merit which might make my life better.

Luang Phaw, that period was my worst time.  I had no money and gold.  I was so sad and unhappy that I ate and cried at the same time.  I lost my weight about 5 Kg. and felt that my life was dark and blue.  One day, my relatives had come from the country and stayed with me, I asked them to look after my son and I went out to Dhammakaya Temple immediately.  On that day, the first Gold Statue of Luang Pu was casted completely and established at Panya Room.  I went to bow it at once and thought that I had casted this gold statue to be the refuge for the world and I would ask Luang Pu to help me.  After that I focused my mind and asked for 3 wishes without crying, but the tear was in my mind.  My wishes were 1. May I become happy, 2. May I have enough money and 3. May I have a good job and my work is successful.

At that night while I was sleeping, suddenly, I dreamed of Luang Pu and he told me shortly that he would give them to me.  When I got up, I was so happy that Luang Pu knew and was kind to me and then, my wishes became true.  In the short later time, I got the good news unexpectedly that my friend wanted to do the pocket book business. He contacted me and told me that he was the investor and I operated, and he would share the benefit to me as well. So, I accepted it at once and from that time on, this business became my new job and I can make money easily.  Now, my work is growing very much. Many well-known publishing houses have called me to seek the good writers or scripts and produce the books for them.  Some owners often drove their cars to my house and gave me the new works and money.  Moreover, some unfamiliar publishing houses called me to make books for them as well.  I need not to struggle to seek the new job or customers, but they ran to me until I had more money enough to buy the new house and separate from my husband. I was not sad and blue and need not to be patient like in the past.  Now, I have more money to spend and make merit and my son passed the Entrance Exam to study in the Faculty of Engineering.  I am so happy that my all wishes were fulfilled.

In this year, when I knew that the temple will build the Phra Phu Prab Mara Building (or the Monk who conquers Maras) to worship Luang Pu, I would like to make merit and will not miss to circumambulate clockwise on October 10th, 2011 certainly.  This is because I want to have the blueprint of following Luang Pu closely, being in the center of Luang Pu, and have the wealth line linking with Luang Pu all of my next lives.

I pay the highest respect to the Most Ven. Phrarajbhavanavisudh,

Worawan  Thanompong

Translated by Chadawee Chaipooripat

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