Safeguarding Our Mind through Meditation

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Safeguarding Our Mind through Meditation
Safeguarding Our Mind through Meditation

In our daily lives, an array of problems of varying degrees correlating to our family circumstance, profession, education, and responsibilities can arise. When faced with problems, the methods people employed to solve them may differ according to their experience and familiarity, and with outcomes that are never predictable. However, if we are trained to examine problems with a still mind, we will be able to clearly identify their origin. This skill can be developed through the practice of meditation.

Meditation is a simple practice open to everyone and can be performed in our everyday life regardless of our profession – whether we work at an office or are self-employed; our status – a housewife or a student; and our religious affiliation. Meditation is not limited to age or gender and can be easily practiced by any individual.

Meditation is also not complicated as people think. In fact, most people will be amazed by how easy and simple it really is.  Additionally, if we practice meditation consistently, the benefits gained will help us lead happy, mindful and rewarding lives.

A Simple Meditation Method

Safeguarding Our Mind through Meditation

Adjust your sitting posture to ensure maximum comfort, and try to relax every part of your body. You may sit on a chair or a sofa if that’s more comfortable. Close your eyes gently as if you were going to sleep. Put aside all concerns, whether it’s about family, study, work, friends, parents, or relatives; leave them behind for a little while.

Gently and softly bring your mind back to its resting point by letting go of all thoughts for a longer length of time. This simply means that we’re allowing our mind to rest and relax.  It is also one of the simple and natural ways to cleanse and purify our mind.

Don’t use the type of thinking employed in our daily lives because in order to succeed in that environment you have to work quickly and exert energy. This is in contrast to the true working nature of the mind. If you would like to manage your mind you have to be gentle, without the slightest amount of force. You have to approach it slowly, calmly, easily, and most importantly without expectations of the outcome. Do not question about the lack of breakthrough when you’ve been meditating for a while.  Do not allow such a thought, no matter how minute it may be, to arise.

The most important thing to maintain throughout the meditation session is comfort and awareness, and to keep your mind still and relaxed. Do it easily and naturally.

Meditation is simple and anyone can do it. If one practices it correctly, vast amount of happiness will come rushing out from within, without having to expend money to purchase it or to seek it externally – these types of happiness is fleeting. However, the joy attained from inner peace can be our true refuge that leads to greater happiness and prosperity in the present and future lifetimes. The genuine happiness emanating from the inside will pervade to those around us and all human beings regardless of nationality, religion and ethnicity. This will ultimately lead our world to the most perfect peace.

Benefits of Meditation

Safeguarding Our Mind through Meditation

The benefits gained from practicing meditation regularly :

1. A radiant, pure, clean and calm mind, which aids in gaining a more peaceful sleep and one devoid of nightmares.

2. Enhanced personality – becoming more energetic and refined, and gaining more confident and self-control, which are applicable for any situation.

3. Reduction of stress that disrupts our thoughts. When we are not feeling tense, our body naturally releases chemicals that increase our happiness and improve our overall health by fortifying our immune system and slowing the aging process.

4. Suppression of anger and tempers as the mind becomes calmer and still longer through the practice of meditation. When the mind is stable and tranquil, it will have the power to restrain actions of body, speech and mind.

5. Diligent practitioners will have improved memory and analytical skills, giving rise to higher aptitude when performing various tasks. They will also have greater proficiency in learning and working, and experience profound levels of inner happiness and wisdom.

Meditation Techniques

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