Dancing Girl

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Dancing Girl
    In October, 2004 (B.E.2547), I became a student of Dream in Dream Kindergarten for the first time because my German husband adjusted the TV’s signal and accidentally found DMC. From then on, I have found the light of my life, showing everything I never knew, everything I never saw, from this only channel.

    The next year, Wat Buddha Frankfurt was established in Germany. My first meritorious action was announcing Dhamma Satellite to others. I have a feeling that the knowledge I receive from this Dream in Dream Kindergarten is very useful; especially, about the Law of Kamma. And I would like to take this chance to ask for Luang Phaw’s compassion to dream about my story, as follows.
    I was born in an agricultural society. Our main job was rice farming. My father had a side job, i.e. music playing. He set a group of female dancers, and many beautiful ladies applied for this job. He trained his son to be a musician. My 2 elder sisters were also in his female dancer group. His dancer group was very famous, so he traveled around different districts to show his group’s dancing, and sometimes he went so far to other provinces.

    Afterwards, his dancing group came to the end when there was no lady left in the group because everybody got married. Most of them found love with the group’s musicians. Thence, my father changed his job to taking care of cows. He made an agreement with the cows’ owner that he would not get paid for his labor, but whenever a cow delivered babies, they would have to portion them out, one for the owner and one for my father. He took care of the cows until he possessed many cows, and he slowly sold them one by one.

    Taking care of the cows for 2 years, he quitted this job and went to the Middle East for working. When he had money, he set a music group again. This time, he had a plan to make my 5th elder brother its leader. My father could play Thai music very well. He could play every instrument. Now at 75 years old, he still can play them. He said he loved music so much that he would not quit playing it as long as he still could play it.

    My 5th elder brother who took my father’s place as the music group’s leader was gifted in playing music, drawing and sculpting images. He liked drawing and sculpting Buddha images. One day, while taking care of the cows in the woods, he sculpted a knee-high Buddha image with some clay. When the clay was dry, the Buddha image was still there. A few days after that, some people told my mother that her son sculpted a Buddha image which caused a calamity. It would not rain when the season came even though it was a rainy season, so they would like my brother to destroy the Buddha image. Right after it had been destroyed, it rained again like it usually did.

    My mother had 9 children. I was the 8th one, her last daughter, and I had a smaller brother. My mother suffered paralysis twice. The first time was when she delivered her 6th daughter. The 2nd time was when she delivered her 9th son. But soon after that she could walk again like usual.

    My mother had a difficult, hard-working life. Actually, our family should be rich because my father both did rice farming and ran a dancing group, but we were not rich. On the contrary, we were one of the poorest in the community. My mother had to find some natural resources like shrimps, clams, crabs, fish, forest food and various kinds of vegetables to cook for children according to her capacity, and she had to suffer from my father’s flirtation, so she drank alcohol to bite his head off. But it did not help anything. Worse than that, she became an alcoholic.

    She had drunk alcohol throughout the rest of her life until she became seriously sick and had to be sent to a hospital. The only thing she could do was lying wearily in bed. When she had to use the bathroom, we had to help her up and let her use the pot in bed. But one day, while I was watching her, she unexpectedly could sit up and then talked to me, “Find me a knife. I will cook fish. I have got many fish.” It shocked me seeing her raving like that. A few days after that, she passed away when she was only 65 years old.

    When she just passed away, I had a dream that her life was very difficult. She had no clothes to wear, no house to live, had to sit in the rain, so I transferred merit to her constantly. Again, I saw her in a dream, but she, this time, had clothes and fresher-looking face. At the midst of year 2005 (B.E.2548), I dreamed of her again. In this time, 4 monks led me to see her. She had her own house, food and a better life. In the dream, she told me that she would like me to expand and renovate her house.

    When my 9th brother was first delivered, he did not breathe. Waiting for a very long time, we were certain that the baby must be dead, so we thought of burying him by letting the neighborhood’s undertaker take care of this job. But my mother did not allow him to do it due to her love. She begged him not to bury the baby yet until the next day, just in case he could get back to life. On the next day, he still did not revive, so the undertaker said that he must bury him. My mother kept crying with the baby in her arms, so everybody let her do what she wished due to their pity seeing her holding her dead son with her paralytic body.

    On the 3rd day, my mother saw his belly moving down- and upward. She thought that her son must revive, but she was not sure, so she touched his nose with a piece of nearby cotton. It appeared that the cotton was blown due to the strength of his breath. Being certain that her son revived, she called everybody to see him. And then the baby cried out loud.

    Presently, this brother of mine is still alive. He is 36 years old now.

    When I was 17 years old, I left the rice farms to find a job in the capital city and became a factory girl as my wish in Samut Prakan Province because I had long desired to be a factory girl.

    One day, my best girl friend and I made a trip to Bangkok. Being in a bus, I saw a monk’s picture attached on the bus’s wall. I kept looking at that picture as if I were absent-minded. I assumed that I was his descendant. His eyes I was looking at had some secret power that made my whole body’s hair stand on end. I regained consciousness again when my friend nudged me and told me to get off of the bus.

    I hastily read the words under that picture. It was written “Phramongkolthepmuni” That picture was in my mind for 3 days. Later, my wish was accomplished because I saw his picture again at the cover of a magazine, dropped on a floor. Very delighted, I picked up that picture with tear in my eyes until the people who saw me wondered why I was that happy from only getting that magazine. I cleaned only Luang Pu’s picture and adhered it at my bed head. I chanted and bowed to him every night with the feeling that I, from then on, had a refuge.

    One day, I visited my old friend in Phra Pradaeng District. Normally, I would talk to her until the evening came, but it was strange that I, on that day, would like to come home early. While being on a bus, I saw Luang Pu’s picture in my mind all the time. Soon after I arrived at my house, a loud, boisterous noise happened, “Fire, Fire”. The flame raged fast. Not further than 20 meters, the fire would arrive at my wooden house. Therefore, I tried to regain my awareness and moved every essential thing out. While the flame was coming towards my house’s shed, suddenly something happened…

    A fire engine showed up. They could squirt water to fight with the fire, and that saved my house just right on time.

    In year 1998 (B.E.2541), I remarried with my German husband. Being in Germany, I picked up my daughter, born to my first husband, to live with me and gave birth to a cute little boy. My German husband likes Thailand, is interested in Buddhism and very happy to visit the temples in Thailand. His family is nice, and everybody in his family loves me.

    My father-in-law suffered from liver cancer when he did not even realize it. He knew what he was suffering from at the last stage of the cancer. I cast a Buddha image, with his name inscribed, for him. Later, his symptoms turned worse. However, he was still very well aware.

    I gave him a Mahasuwannithi ball, held his hands to set them in the clasping gesture, and gave him an explanation about merit and its fruits. I chanted the prayer of praising Mahasuwannithi for him. At the last period of his life, he passed away peacefully without suffering, i.e. he died in his sleep.

1.    What retribution did my siblings and I have that made us born in a poor family together? Why do my siblings normally have some conflicts that cause us to fight and strike with one another?

2.   What retribution did my parents and their children have that we earned income by selling cows to feed the family? What can we do to be released from this retribution?

3.    Why is my father gifted in playing music? Were my siblings who like to play music heavenly musicians before? My father and my elder brother have a music group, so they have to run a ceremony of paying homage to the musician masters annually, and they have to use either a pig’s head or chicken for this ceremony. Will they get any retribution from this action? If they do, what can we do to solve it?

4.    Will my 5th elder brother get any retribution from pounding the clay Buddha image he sculpted and left alone? How can we solve it? If he did not pound it, would a calamity happen?

5.    What retribution caused my mother to have a flirtatious husband and a difficult life? Did she have any previous kamma with her 6th daughter and her last son that made her suffer paralysis twice when she delivered them? After death, where did she go, and how is her current condition? Does she have any word for me? I dreamed of her twice. Were my dreams real?  
6.    What retribution made my younger brother die for 3 days after delivery? What merit brought him back to life? 

7.    Why do I have a feeling that I am a descendant of Luang Pu even though I never saw him before? How did I make merit with him before? 

8.    What retribution caused me to encounter the fire? How could I survive? What merit saved me? On that day, my mind adhered to Luang Pu, his supernatural power saved my house from the fire, didn’t it?

9.    Where did my father-in-law go after his death? How did the merit of casting a Buddha image and learning about a clear mind and a clouded mind before death help him, and how? Does he have any word for the family and me?

10.    Why does my husband like Thailand and like to learn about the history of Buddhism? Was he a Buddhist before? 

11.    How did my husband, my 2 children and I make merit with our merit-making group in our previous lives? Before my son was born to me, where did he come from? Does he have any ordination diagram? 

Thanks a lot to Luang Phaw whom I respect the most.
Luang Phaw's Dream

I closed my eyes, dreamed and woke up with these answers.
When you tell anybody the story like a tale, it will make anyone know more about retribution (Law of Kamma)

1.    You and your siblings were born in a poor family together because your kamma was in the same level for each person did not make much donation and did not make much merit regularly in your previous lives because of stinginess.
    Your siblings have some conflicts that cause them to fight and strike against one another all the time because they do not respect each other and do not have merit of humility. When their opinions are different, and they do not agree with one another, they definitely will have disputes and then strike. 

2.    That your parents sold cows to earn money for the family, they will have different retributions, e.g. if they sold cows for slaughter, they would get sicknesses and would pass away before the right time; but if they sold cows for work, they would not receive any retribution. You should make them seriously accrue every merit, i.e. donation, precept observance and meditation, etc. and frequently transfer these merits to the animals they persecuted.
3.    Your father is gifted in playing music because he was a heavenly musician in Himavanta Forest for many times. So he has the same habit.

    Your siblings like playing music because they were heavenly musicians in the Himavanta Forest for many times as well.

    Your father and your brother have to pay homage to their musician masters and use a pig’s head or a chicken for this ceremony. If they do not slaughter the animals by themselves or make an order to slaughter them, it is alright, e.g. buying dead animals from a market. But if they make an order to slaughter them or slaughter animals by themselves, they would gain killing retribution, e.g. they would suffer from sicknesses and have short lives. If they have this retribution, they have to solve it by accruing every merit, i.e. donation, precept observance and meditation or buying and releasing soon-to-be-killed animals frequently, and then transfer these merits to the animals they persecuted. 

4.    That “your 5th elder brother” pounded the clay Buddha image he sculpted and left alone, whether he will get retribution depends on his intention if he would like to insult the Lord Buddha or destroy it just because he was upset or not. If he did, he would get retribution, i.e. he would be sent to the major hell and be pounded and harmed by the hell’s authorities for a very long time and undergo great suffering. And if he is reborn as a human, he will be pounded, insulted, etc. And what he did to the clay Buddha image was not a solution for the calamity.

    To soothe his mind, he needs to cast a personal Buddha image to install in Dhammakaya Cetiya, perform donation, observe the precepts and meditate until he can see the Buddha image in his body, etc.

5.    Your mother had a flirtatious husband and a very difficult life because she performed little donation due to her stinginess which gave her a difficult life, and she had a flirtatious husband because of her own sensual retribution when she was a flirtatious man which caused her to have a flirter as her husband.
    Her 6th daughter and her youngest son did not have any retribution with her, but she had retribution from tightening animals and sending them out for slaughter sometimes which caused her to suffer from paralysis twice, but because her retribution was not very severe, she was later completely healed. After your mother died, she became an earth-sprite. At the beginning, her life was difficult, but later, due to the merit transferred to her, her life was improved. She became a high-class earth-sprite owning a house, clothes, celestial food, etc. 

        She passed a word to thank you for transferring merits to her because if you did not do it, her life would be difficult.
        Both of your 2 dreams were real.

6.    The truth about your younger brother who died for 3 days after delivery is, actually he was not dead, but he had retribution from catching the whole flocks of small fish’s babies for food. That caused him to look dead, but actually he was only unconscious. He later regained his consciousness because of the merit he donated medicines to his neighbors. This merit curtailed that retribution. 

7.    You had a feeling that you were Luang Pu’s descendant even though you had never met him before because you had a meritorious relation with him and our merit-making group. It caused you to have that feeling.

8.    You had to encounter the fire incident because of your own speech retribution from your previous life. In that life, you cursed other due to your anger, “I wish your house is on fire.” The story is, your neighbor burnt trash, and the smoke covered the whole area, so you were angry and made that curse. This retribution took action. 
    But you were saved because of the protection from the merits you made with Luang Pu and the merit-making group, as well as the mind, which adhered to Luang Pu on that day. Therefore, you only encountered the incident, but you were alright.

9.    After your father-in-law died, he became an earth-sprite owning a gold heavenly mansion due to the merit he cast a personal Buddha image before he died. That merit cleared his mind, protected him and made him an earth-sprite first even though he had drinking retribution that would send him to the unfortunate realm.
    He passed many thanks to you, his daughter-in-law who taught him to make merit and purify his mind, and that brought him there. Other than that, he also said he missed everybody, and he was happy.

10.    Your husband likes Thailand and likes to learn about Buddhism because he used to make merit with our merit-making group, but he did not make any wish because he had an idea that it was not necessary to make wishes, and only making merits was enough. That caused him to be away from the meritorious zone.
    That he likes Thailand is his present feeling.

11.    You, your husband and your 2 children pursued perfection in the provisions division of our merit-making group before, but you did it according to your feeling. Sometimes you pursued perfection according to your capacity, sometimes with all your might, sometimes you felt sullen, so you did not make many merit due to your negligent feeling.

    Before your son was born, he came from a place that met a level of light, and he has a short-term ordination diagram.

    Since we have met again in this life, you need to pursue perfection with all your might and make a wish to follow our group to the special merit zone of Tusita (the 4th level of heaven), the land of Bodhisatta, and never stray away from our group. 

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