Aid in Burma Dried Tear

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Aid in Burma Dried Tear from Nargis


Nargis, source: NASA

Under the reign of the junta, Burma has been closing itself from the outside world for many years due to the military government and its domestic commotions. However, after the devastating cyclone Nargis, Burma had to open its door to foreign aid which began to arrive. The cyclone left more than 22,000 dead yet still the foreign diplomats told that the toll could soar up to 100,000. Amid the horrendous tragedy, there are also the risk of disease outbreak and starvation.


New York Times
New York Times


The worst affected area was in the vast south-west of Irrawaddy delta. The crisis is already seen as the worst natural disaster in South-East Asia since the tsunami attack in December 2004. Ninety-five percent of houses are destroyed causing more than 190,000 people homeless. Survivors have to live among dead bodies, waiting for the arriving aid. There are left hungry, thirsty and vulnerable to disease while there are difficulties in wide area to get access to as roads were cut off and alleviations were delayed.


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