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“The Middle Way”, The First Meditation Retreat
in Capetown, South Africa
    There is an ancient African proverb that says, “When you pray, move your feet.” It means don’t wait for success by only pleading and doing nothing. We have to strive with the right method to succeed. The Middle Way is an excellent international project that Khun Kru Mai Yai (Luang Phaw Dhammajayo) is using to introduce easy meditation methods to people all over world, so they may attain true inner peace.


    The topic for today is our usual one. We have a good story from Capetown on the meditation experience and would like to present it as the last chapter of The Middle Way Meditation Retreat. May all students around the world on the path to inner peace and follow it into the real happiness.
Meditation Testimonial of
Anita Nuss (South Africa)
With the most respect to Luang Phaw Dhammajayo Bhikkhu (Khun Kru Mai Yai)
    My name is Anita Nuss. I live in Capetown, South Africa. I graduated from Capetown Technikon College after studying Public Relations. Presently, I work as the Customer Service Manager at OTI Company, who is the producer of SMART CARD. My responsibilities are to meet the customers’ highest expectations of our delivered products and report individual results to the Company.
    I heard about meditation retreat called The Middle Way, the first meditation retreat in Capetown, from my friend. Since then, I have felt like there was something inspiring me to participate in this retreat. At the time, I was facing a big problem, and could not detach from the anxiety at all. This drove my interest to learn what the dukkas (the sufferings in life), the causes of both happiness and suffering, and also the true meaning in life.
    At that moment, I strongly felt that I would gain substantial benefits from the meditation retreat. It did not disappoint me, at all. From the first step of meditation, as I paced on the ground barefoot, an incredible happiness flew to my heart and all the anxiety just disappeared. Throughout the retreat, every moment was truly wonderful for me.
    As soon as I started practicing meditation, I felt completely relaxed, relieved, light and comfortable as I’ve never felt before. Everything around me looked beautiful. How incredible! I enjoyed meditating by radiating kindness and sharing my love with everybody and every life form. The more I did, the more elevated and happier my heart felt. The feelings just happened, and nobody could take the happiness from me.
    It seemed that I was able to communicate this kind of feeling with the other participants very well, which enabled me to understand who and what I am. When I perceived this, it became very easy to liberate all my remaining anxiety, because I now understand that those things are not real. I no longer wanted them to hold me in bondage.
    Whenever I meditated, it freed my sense of body. I felt the center of my body was so powerful; it had a very bright sun was shining inside my stomach. I could see round, light and shining crystal sun at the center of my body as if I was looking into the sky. But it is not hot and irritating my eyes; it is cool. Moreover, while I placed my mind at the center of the body, I could feel I was in an infinite open space.
    Gradually, I began to have compassion for the others. The center of the body is a great source of inner peace for me; I have never touched before. Prior to the end of the retreat, I felt my whole body expanded with brightness and became very lively and blooming, full of unlimited immaculate power.
    After I returned home, I continued to practice meditation, especially in the morning, by radiating loving-kindness to all beings around the world. When I placed my mind at the center of my body, I felt the happiness, warmth and safety every time. I now realize that meditation is the easiest and most effective way for me to release worry, confusion and disturbances from my life. It seems that such turmoil cannot affect me any more.
    Afterwards, I had a chance to speak of my impressions in the meditation retreat to my friends and family. As a result, my friends and family members became interested in meditation and would like to join the next retreat also. Therefore, when the next Middle Way meditation retreat is held, I will definitely participate in the retreat and would volunteer for its public relations in Capetown. If there is anything I can do to help, I would love to.
    Lastly, I wish to express my gratitude to Khun Kru Mai Yai who kindly gave the most wonderful opportunity for everyone to join a retreat; a retreat that took me on an unblemished path and it is the only way to improve myself to conquer the defilements– The Middle Way (Majjimapatipada).
Krab Namasakarn, with the highest veneration
Anita Nuss

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