Answer by the Law of Kamma :- Unintended Crash

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Unintended Crash


Question from the audience:

One day I was driving to send my children to their school.  It was raining and I was accelerating my car, suddenly there was a 16–year–old girl ran pass in front of my car.  I braked at once but my car still went on and hit her passed away.  What retribution will I get and what can I do to relieve it?  What caused this accident happened?


You hit a girl died accidently because it was raining and a girl ran pass in front of your car, you have got a little retributions because you did not intend to do and the girl’s lifetime was going to the end by her bad effect from the previous lifetime.

For many eons ago before you met our community, you had reborn as a hen in this girl’s house and laid eggs for her.  One day the hen laid fewer eggs and she thought that it did not have enough benefit for her.  So she killed it.  Before the hen died, it was angry, feuded and wanted to revenge on her.  This bad deed made her have a short life, so she was hit accidently by your car.

For you, the retribution from unintended crash will affect when nothing results but it will not make you die and will be happen in the very, very long future because you had no intention on that time.  If you would like to relieve this retribution, you could make merit and dedicate to her.

By Khunkru Maiyai

November 1st, 2005
*The car accidents which come from the effects of killing in the previous lifetime, the killed animals are not necessary to be the same species.

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