The 2554 B.E. Nationwide Rain Retreat Ordination Program of 100,000 Monks

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The 2554 B.E. Nationwide Rain Retreat Ordination Program
Of 100,000 Monks
We invite the real men to ordain during the Buddhist Lent

The nature of human’s mind always think of many things and rarely free of thoughts.  Ordination as a monk is the key to open a chance for you to experience another lifestyle which is free of thoughts infinitely.  When a man becomes a monk, he can clear his mind easier.  This is because he has less binding such as marriage, and he always makes his action and speech pure by keeping 227 precepts and purifies his mind by meditation.


Meditation will bring the ordinant to be free of thought and his senses will disappear.  He will feel clear, relaxed and bodiless.  Then, he will see the inner light even though he closes his eyes.  It will not be dark even the practitioner closes his eyes.  Instead, it is brighter than the daylight at noon and is not acrid.  It also makes the seer happy which the seer hardly explains.  When the practitioner sees through the light, he will see some images which are more beautiful than any jewelry in the world.

This is because any jewelry is not as beautiful as the inner jewelry.  Then, he will reach the ocean of limitless knowledge which they are about the truth of life.  This kind of knowledge derives from the enlightenment and we can get rid of the defilements by this knowledge.

This was the reason why Prince Siddhartha decided to resign his right to the throne and ordained.  The Emperor who governed the Four Worlds and had tremendous property and wealth, he resigned his throne and ordained as well.  This was because they knew that their wealth could not really free them from the troubles.

The 2554 B.E. Nationwide Rain Retreat Ordination Program of 100,000 Monks would like to invite the real men to cultivate yourselves by the Lord Buddha’s ways and apply Dhamma in your daily lives or not disrobe and still be the monks to help the Buddhist works further.

Form Submission                  Now – Tuesday June 28th, 2011
Training period                       June 29th – November 7th, 2011 (132 days) at your training temple
Novice Ordination                 Saturday July 9th, 2011 at Dhammakaya Temple
Monastic Ordination             July 10th – 13th, 2011 at your training temple
Certificate Receiving Day    On Monday November 7th, 2011

Required Documents
1.    An 1-inch (or 2-inch) photo
2.    A photocopy of your National ID Card
3.    A photocopy of your academic transcripts
4.    A photocopy of your medical certificate and your HIV test certificate

You should not bring the following things
1.    The fiction books or some media which are the obstacles of concentration.
2.    All kinds of food and snacks
3.    All kinds of media players such as radio, CD-, MP3-, MP4-Players etc.
4.    Mirror, Photos and camera
5.    Jewelry and ornaments such as ring, necklace, etc.
6.    All kinds of communication devices such as mobile, etc
(The committee will check and keep these things for you during the ordination)

You must not bring the following things with you during the ordination
1.    Sharp weapon, arms and something which is able to harm someone’s life or property.
2.    Tobacco and all kinds of drugs.

1.    Real men (not allow for homosexual ones), 20 – 60 years old
2.    Graduated M.3 (or grade 9) or higher
3.    Be healthy and not sick of the psychosis or dangerous diseases such as the infective diseases, AIDS, etc. and be not addicted to the tobacco, alcohol and all kinds of drugs.
4.    Be not disabled such as blind, deaf, amputee etc.
5.    Don’t have the big tattoo or the inappropriate tattoo outside the monastic robe (when he is wearing)
6.    Be qualified to the rules and regulations of the Sangha Supreme Council

You have to bring the following things during the ordination
1.    A yellow blanket
2.    Two white suits and a white coat
3.    A short sleeve white shirt (wearing on the Novice Ordination Day)
4.    Personal things such as white bath bowl, soap, shampoo, detergent, toothbrush, toothpaste, torch with battery, etc
5.    Bath cloth and yellow bath towel
6.    Personal medicines such as balm, antihistamine, repellent lotion, gastritis medicine, etc
7.    Razor and six blades or more
8.    A pair of brown slippers and two pairs of brown socks
9.    A mellow umbrella such as brown, blue, etc

The Fruits of Ordination
1.    The ordinant has more chance to attain Dhamma from the basic to the highest level, Nirvana.
2.    If he does not attain Dhamma in this life, his ordination merit will not be lost and it will be accumulated to be the fundamental of Dhamma attainment in the next lives and will cause him to be progress in the next lives in the Buddhist land and era for 64 eons.
3.    His great ordination merit will break the yielding bad retribution from hard to be soft, from soft to stop yielding, or if he passes away, he will go to the fortunate realm.
4.    His great ordination merit will affect him to be progress in life and work, find the better job or earn more money, become well-known, turn the crisis in his life to be his opportunity easily.
5.    His great ordination merit will close the way to the unfortunate realms for ordinant and able to change the realm for those who receive the dedicated merit.


You can apply at your nearest district training temple across Thailand.  For more information, please contact the call center by call (66)2-831-1234 or (66)87-707-7771 to 3.

No Ordination Charge!!!

  Translated by Chadawee Chaipooripat

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