Dhammachai Dhutanga 2012

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The Dhammachai Dhutanga in six provinces – 365 km long
To welcome the New Year 2012
Remove all dangers and troubles
Make the big merit to Thailand

 “Samanananca dassanam; etam mangalamuttamam”
“Meeting the monks is one of the highest blessings”

The Dhammachai Dhutanga along the Great Master’s Paths
To relieve the victims’ mind and make the big merit to Thailand

1.    Principle and reasons
Since the International Buddhist Society Club under the patronage of Somdejphramaharajmangalajarn (IBS) cooperating with the Department of Religion Affairs, Educational Service Area Offices, over 7,000 academic institutes, government and private sectors across Thailand arrange the 6th World Morality Restoration Project. This project is to develop the moral youth leaders called V-Star children who have 8 basic morals and are real Buddhists through the daily routine lessons continuously until the lessons become their habit.  At the same time, they will do the social creative activities and learning about the Triple Gems.  This project is the cooperation among homes, temples and schools for developing the youth modals who extend results to their friends, other youths, surrounding people, Thai and World societies further.

Because of the recently flood crisis in many provinces in Thailand, Thai economy and people’s mind are not so good especially in six provinces which are Ayutthaya, Suphanburi, Nakhon Pathom, Pathum Thani, Nonthaburi provinces and Bangkok. So the monks, IBS and 24 associate organizations across Thailand arrange the Dhammachai Dhutanga together during January 2nd – 25th, 2012 in six mentioned provinces.  1,127 monks participate in this activity. This is for students and people in that six provinces to welcome the dhutanga monks and meditate together to wake the moral trends, remove dangers, troubles and obstacles, create the blessings, relieve and cheer them up.  In addition, this activity also develop the students and people to do the public works which improve their spirit and mind by morals, restore the Buddhist Cultures back to homes, temples, schools sustainably.  They will be developed to be submissive by the Lord Buddha’s Dhamma called “Apacayanamaya” which will result Thai society to be peaceful sustainably by the Power of Dhamma of the Lord Buddha.

2.    Objectives
1)    To develop the moral youth leaders who have basic morals and are real Buddhists and create the moral youth leader groups/networks.  These merit will be humbly dedicated to H.M. the King and to worship the Lord Buddha
2)    To strengthen the morality to home, temple and school networks in all levels of societies across the country
3)    To restore the good Buddhist Cultures back to Thai societies as many countries have chosen Thailand to be the Center of World Buddhism
4)    To wake the moral trends, encourage and cheer up and create blessings to people in the recently flooded area

3.    Goals
1)    1,127 monks
2)    40% of students and people in these area participate in this activity
1)    There are moral youth leaders who have moral works with their communities at least two activities and there are temples developing morals with at least one school.
4.    Responsible Organizations
1)    The monks from all over the country
2)    The Committee on Religion, Art, and Culture, the House of Parliament
3)    The Participant Educational Service Areas
4)    The Participant Educational offices of the Local Government Organization
5)    The Participant Schools or Educational Institutes
6)    The International Buddhist Society Club under the patronage of Somdejphramaharajmangalajarn (IBS)
5.    Schedule
1)    Preparation:  December 10th, 2011 – January 1st, 2012
2)    The monks perform the Dhammachai Dhutanga:  January 2nd – 25th, 2012
3)    Students and people participate in this activity: January 2nd – 25th, 2012

6.    Places
The six recently flooded provinces: Ayutthaya, Suphanburi, Nakhon Pathom, Pathum Thani, Nonthaburi provinces and Bangkok

7.    Operation
1)     The Educational Service Areas, the Educational Offices, Schools, Educational Institutes and interested people apply to participate in this activity
2)    The participants attend the orientation session and receive the user manual “How to welcome the dhutanga monks and other activities”
3)    Do the activities together, paving the rose petals along the monks’ way and meditate together
4)    Extend the moral network in their schools, temples, and communities

8.    The patron
The Most Ven. Phrathepyanmahamuni (Dhammajayo Bhikkhu), the abbot of Dhammakaya Temple and Foundation

9.    The supporters
24 associate organizations
1)  Office of the Permanent Secretary; Ministry of Education
2)  Office of the Education Council
3)  Office of the National Primary Education Commission
4)  Office of the Vocational Education Commission
5)  Office of the Higher Education Commission
6)  Office of the Permanent Secretary; Ministry of Social Development and Human Security
7)  Office of the Permanent Secretary; Ministry of Culture
8)  Office of Welfare Promotion, Protection and Empowerment of Vulnerable Groups
9)  Office of National Buddhism
10)  Department of Cultural Promotion
11)  Department of Religion Affairs
12)  Public Relation Department
13)  Council of Cultural Affairs of Bangkok
14)  Moral Promotion Center
15)  Rom Klao Foundation under the patronage of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn
16)  Dhammakaya Foundation
17)  Thai Women Community Leader Association
18)  Association of the Ship for Southeast Asian Youth of Thailand
19)  White Media Association
20)  Faculty of Education, Khonkaen University
21)  School of Communication Arts, Eastern Asia University
22)  The Teachers' Council of Thailand
23)  Creative Media Association for Youth
24)  The International Buddhist Society Club

10.    The expected results
1)  Create the moral model networks and moral youth leaders who have basic morals and are the real Buddhists.
2)  Strengthen the moralities in the home-temple-school networks
3)  The educational institutes and schools are able to drive the moral works continuously and concretely
4)  The good Buddhist Cultures are restored to Thai society and the moral standards of Thai youths, world youths and people are higher
5)  There is the moral trend in people’s mind which creates blessings to their lives and encourages them to do good deeds for themselves and country

 The Dhammachai Dhutanga is the traveling following by the Lord Buddha’s way

The Dhammachai Dhutanga is the traveling following by the Lord Buddha’s way.  It is really the Super Big Cleaning for mind.  It will remove sin, defilements, and bad retributions since we are going on the same way of the Monk who conquered Maras. Everyone who participates in this merit, both monks and laypeople who pave the rose petals to worship the Triple Gems and welcome these monks will get the 10 perfections.

The Dhammachai Dhutanga during January 2nd – 25th, 2012 has the following objectives

1.    To found the Great Master’s Paths
The Great Master’s Paths are the ways of six important places involved with the Most Ven. Phramongkolthepmuni (Sod Chandasaro) , the rediscoverer of Dhammakaya Vijja and the monk who conquered Mara.
1)  His birthplace:  The monument of Phramongkolthepmuni Maha Vihara in Song Phi Nong district, Suphanburi province
2)  His ordination place:  Song Phi Nong Temple in Suphanburi province
3)  The Dhammakaya attainment place:  Bot-bon Bang Kuwiang Temple in Nonthaburi province
4)  The first place of Dhammakaya Vijja Dissemination: Bang Pla Temple in Bang Lane district, Nakhon Pathom province
5)  The place of using Vijja to conquer Maras (until he passed away): Paknam Bhasicharoen Temple in Bangkok
6)  The Dhammakaya Vijja Dissemination Place (to spread Dhammakaya Vijja worldwide): Dhammakaya Temple

The Great Master’s Paths in this time are the ways for the monks who study Dhammakaya Vijja perform the dhutanga.  They perform the Dhammachai Dhutanga to make merit and recall the countless kindness of the Most Ven. Phramongkolthepmuni (Sod Chandasaro) because of his rediscovering Dhammakaya Vijja.  This dhutanga is to seek the important moral things for mind because they are walking on the same ways of the Great Master’s.

The dhutanga is the traveling along the ways which are important to the monks’ faith.  Every way and every step of the Dhammachai Dhutanga monks comes from their strong faithful hearts to the Most Ven. Phramongkolthepmuni (Sod Chandasaro), so this dhutanga is the new historic opening of Buddhism.

2.    To relieve the flood victims’ mind
All disasters have affected the victims’ mind.  This trouble made people sad and only Dhamma can heal their mind and be the best refuge for them in this time.  So the Dhammachai Dhutanga in this time is the traveling to relieve people’s mind since people can go out to welcome the dhutanga monks.

The saffron color of the Lord Buddha will make people’s mind better.  Moreover, those who come to welcome the monks by paving the rose petals to worship the Triple Gems will get the 10 Perfections.  So this dhutanga is very important. Not only the monks are walking to make merit, but their traveling will also make people’s mind better and stronger.

3.    To keep the monastic dhutanga
When the Buddhist Lent ends, the monks will travel to seek for suitable places for meditation and disseminating Dhamma.  We call this traveling “dhutanga” and call the monks who perform the dhutanga “the dhutanga monks.”  “Dhutanga” means the ways to get rid of defilements.  Those who want to do can request to do it. It is the way to remove or less the defilements and support the solitary, etc.

We often see a few of dhutanga monks, but we are happy every time we see.  The Dhammachai Dhutanga will make people happy.  When they see the long line of dhutanga monks, they will be more faithful and happy.  This dhutanga is to keep the monastic dhutanga as well because we rarely see the monks performing dhutanga.  So this dhutanga is to restore the way of light, to start, to pioneer the monastic dhutanga again.

4.    Create the harmony in the communities, among homes, temples and schools
In the era of technology, technology has a major role in people’s lives.  Some things we had ever seen in the past have been disappeared.  However, the harmony of Thai people still exists and the Dhammachai Dhutanga of the real monks will strengthen the harmony of Thai people.

The monks will travel all villages and communities along the Great Master’s Paths. The saffron color of the monks’ robes will make the youths to believe in and love Buddhism more because the dhutanga monks will develop communities, temples and make more people to be harmony and go to temple and study Buddhism more.

So you can see that how much this dhutanga benefits.  The monks do it with faithful mind in the Lord Buddha. Every step of them will bring happiness to every place along the way they travel.

So we would like you to come to welcome the dhutanga monks together by preparing rose petals to pave for the monks along the way they travel.  This merit will be your big merit you do with a big group of monks.

You can come to welcome the Dhammachai Dhutanga monks during January 2nd – 25th, 2012.
Translated by Chadawee Chaipooripat


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