The 7th 1,000,000 Upasika Kaew Mass Training Project

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The 1,000,000 Upasika Kaew Mass Training 2011 Project
The 1,000,000–Laywoman Mass Training 2011 Project
The Upasika Kaew
The Most Ven. Phrarajbhavanavisudh’s sermon (Dhammajayo Bhikkhu)
The Upasika Kaew is the laywoman who understands and is ready to be the model and merit leader to others.  When the pictures of Upasika Kaew are broadcasted around the world, the foreigners will understand about Thai woman and her image will be better.  The world will see her intention in the practice and self–cultivation.  She will wake and inspire others to practice Dhamma nationwide.  This will cause the societies and country to be peaceful and the Buddhism will be flourishing and stable in our country ever.

The Upasika Kaew is beautiful of her good precepts, concentration and wisdom.  While the current economics, social and political environments in the country and oversea change quickly and technology and science are developed rapidly, but the people’s minds are not.  These changes have affected the Buddhist institutes negatively, example, the monk’s amount is less, the amount of abandoned temple is higher, etc.  Even though many organizations had tried to solve these problems but they could not find the suitable solution.  The Most Ven. Phrarajbhavanavisudh (Dhammajayo Bhikkhu) realizes in these problems and has a strong intention to bring the peacefulness back to our societies by teaching the Lord Buddha’s Dhamma to people and how to apply Dhamma in daily life.  When people’s mind is calm, the social will be actually peaceful and it will keep the Buddhism to be longer and ever.

Now, even if there are many campaigns supporting the real men to ordain as monks such as the 100,000–Monk Mass Ordination in all villages around Thailand and they wake all sections, the powerful persons who drive and support the Buddhist works effectively are “laywomen” or “Upasikas.”

So the Upasika
Kaew Mass Training is an important activity and the hope of keeping Buddhism to be stable and progress because the woman’s power is pure and strong enough for the Buddhist works to be successful and peace in the social world to be happened.

The importance of Upasika Kaew
Woman can be the mother of children and the world.  She also keeps, prevents and protects the Buddhism which you can see from some important events in the Buddha’s Time.
  • Suchada offered 49 pieces of rice pudding to the Great Bodhisattva. It is counted to be one of the most important meals because this meal made the physical body of the Great Bodhisattva become healthy until he was enlightened as the Lord Buddha.
  • Maha Upasika Visakha played an important role as the greatest laywoman who supported and offered alms to the monks and supported the Buddhism Dissemination widely, etc.

Woman is so important that she is one of the Four Buddhist Communities – Laywoman – who keeps the Buddhism to be longer and forever.

This is 7–day training and the Upasika
Kaew will get more chances to learn many unknown things, chant, meditate, keep 8 precepts and study the Buddhist Customs which she will able to apply in her real daily life in the future.

Seven days of this mass training will be your best and worthy experience.  All Upasikas will get the big merit from giving, keeping the 8 precepts and meditating.  You will not forget this valuable experience at all.

When the morality has been grown in the upasika’s mind, all her beloved members in the family will be better.  This is because woman is the mother of the world and plays the important role in the family.  When many families are better, their societies will be better afterwards.  So does our country.  Finally, our world will become peaceful.

Principle and reason
“Upasika” is the position of laywoman who sits near the Triple Gems.  They will support, maintain, protect and prevent the Buddhism thoroughly like Maha Upasika Visakha who built the Bupparam Temple which has been an important temple in India since in the Lord Buddha’s Time.  These Upasikas are still one of the main backbones of the stability of the Buddhism likewise the Buddha Time.
The word “Upasika
Kaew” means the laywoman who keeps the 8 precepts well and beautifully and doing along the Middle Way which is the Eightfold Path.  They will be beautiful like the blossoms.  The physical body is beautiful because of power of the well-kept 8 precepts and the inner Dhammakaya body is clear and bright by the power of meditation and wisdom.  From the mentioned above, she is called to be the “Real Upasika” who certainly sits near the Triple Gems.  The more we have upasikas, the more stable our nation and Buddhism will be.
From the 100,000 Upasika
Kaew Mass Training arranged during March 8–15, 2010 and the 500,000 Upasika Kaew Mass Training arranged during April 16–29, 2010, hundred–thousands of Buddhist laywomen had be trained and ordained as the Upasika Kaew and had a chance to learn the theoretical and practical Dhamma.  After the projects, they still keep the 5 precepts and meditate regularly.  This has caused the trend of doing good deeds and meditation in all sections of Thai society and the increasing request to rearrange this project again and continuously.  So all monks in Thailand, Committee on Religion, Arts and Culture, House of Representatives, Dhammakaya Temple, Dhammakaya Foundation, the Association of Village and Sub–district Headmen of Thailand, the International Buddhist Society Club under the patronage of Somdejphramaharajmangalajarn and other sections agree to rearrange this project in the 7th time during August 28th – September 4th, 2011 at all training centers in every district around Thailand.  This is to train and cultivate the morality and ideology of Buddhism to millions of Buddhist laywomen and then they will be the qualified Upasika Kaew who believe stably in the Triple Gems.  Their stable believes mean the stability of Buddhism and the World Morality Development to be prosperous in the future.

1.    To cultivate morality and the ideology of Buddhism to the Buddhist women to become the real upasikas
2.    To restore the morality and Buddhist Customs to be prosperous again like the Buddha’s Time
3.    To develop our societies and nation sustainably by developing the people’s morality

1.    Be the 15 – 65 years old and real woman
2.    Be Buddhist
3.    Be healthy and not sick of any infective disease, psychosis, neurosis, mental disorder or others which will be the obstacle for this training
4.    Be able to keep the 8 precepts through the training
5.    Be unconditional in eating and staying

How to apply
1.    For more information or apply, please contact the Call Center by call 02–831–1234, 087–707–7771–3
2.    Apply via internet, please visit the www.บวช.com,
3.    Apply in person at the nearest training center in your district.
4.    Apply with the project coordinator in your district

Translated by Chadawee Chaipooripat

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