Be Part of History in the Making

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Be Part of History in the Making

      To commemorate the 53th anniversary of the Dhammakaya Temple, we are constructing a holy memorial to inspire Buddhists and Buddhist meditation practitioners to keep working on becoming the best versions of themselves.   
     The Celestial Island Cetiya is an eight-sided structure holding the Buddha’s relics on the inside and Buddha images on the outside. The top of the Cetiya is decorated with eight tiers of gold-colored lotuses, all made of sturdiest stainless steel to last for a long time. Together they form a grand lotus as an offering to Buddhas.
     According to ancient Buddhist scriptures, there is an incalculable number of Buddhas who came before the most recent one, Gautama Buddha, whom we all know. This particular Cetiya is dedicated to the earliest of all the Buddhas. 
     The Buddha images are all made of highest-grade silicon bronze, which according to laboratory tests, can last several hundred years and possibly up to a thousand years. The choice of the material reflects the broader aim of constructing the Cetiya, which is to extend the life of Buddhism to another millennium.     
     4  Four out of the eight sides of the Cetiya contain alcoves, each holding six Buddha images. Each of these four sides faces the east, the west, the north and the south respectively. 
     8 The eight sides represent the Noble Eightfold Path, which is a key Buddhist teaching pertaining to total self-transformation. 
     24 The total number of Buddha images to be enshrined on the Cetiya represents the timelessness of the teachings of every Buddha as well as the purifying nature of Buddhist meditation which remains true regardless of where and when it is practiced.
     The casting of the Buddha images will be conducted four times in March 2023. Each time, six images will be cast in gold-colored silicon bronze in a holy ceremony where all are welcome to participate.

Buddha Image Casting Ceremonies

Historic Ceremonies in March 2023

1st round

Mon 6th (Makha Bucha Day)

2nd round

Sun 12th

3rd round

Sun 19th

4th round

Sun 26th

Sunday 2 April 2023
     After the Buddha images have been cast and refined to perfection, two holy ceremonies will be held to celebrate the completion.
     Afternoon :  A mass meditation, followed by chanting and paying homage to the newly cast Buddha images.

     Evening  :   Lay followers walk in a procession to celebrate the enshrinement of the Buddha images. 

Saturday 22 April 2023 

     Enshrinement of the gold-colored lotuses at the top of the Celestial Island Cetiya, followed by a mass meditation and holy ceremony celebrating the total completion of the memorial. 

     For more information about donating for the casting of the Buddha images or joining the historic ceremonies, please contact the Dhammakaya Temple in Thailand or the closest Dhammakaya meditation center in your country.   

Making an Impact on the Masses One Uplifting Moment at a Time 

       Positive Karmic Outcomes from Contributing Towards the Casting of Buddha Images 
      The sight of these Buddha images can evoke thoughts of virtue as well as engender moments of peace, hope and happiness in people’s hearts. By indirectly giving people uplifting feelings and inviting them to recall the goodness of the Buddha, the donors are said to be supporting fellow human beings in their journeys towards Nibbāna. 
As giving attracts receiving, the donors will be blessed with, among others: 
     1) fortunate timing of rebirth (being reborn in the places and ages where Buddhism flourishes)
     2) favorable rebirths into fortunate realms such as the human realm and the heaven realm
     3) favorable social status whenever they are reborn in the human realm
     4) moral wisdom and intelligence to guide them in decision-making, living a purposeful life, and making progress towards Nibbāna 
     5) respect from the masses
     6) wealth and prosperity
     7) longevity
     8) a wholesome physique that is highly conducive for practicing meditation
     9)  the ability to still their minds and achieve Enlightenment with ease
   10) positive forces and favorable circumstances that help to counteract or eliminate the impact of any negative karma that they may have 

Resolutions for the Casting of Buddha Images

By the power of my merit of donating for the casting of the Buddha images to be
enshrined at the Celestial Island Cetiya,
May I be reborn into the upper class, to a loving, respectable and supportive family
that also practices Buddhism;
May I have high self-esteem as well as be loved and respected by the masses;
May I be blessed with moral wisdom and intelligence so that I always make
wholesome decisions and lead my life in accordance with the teachings of the Buddha;
May I always attract the company of people of high moral integrity, and be
protected from all sorts of harm and danger;
May I have undying motivation to practice meditation, develop wholesome habits,
and keep working on becoming the best version of myself;
May I have unlimited wealth and resources to cultivate merits and perfections,
bring goodness to the world and leave a moral legacy;
May I have the strength and sound leadership qualities to lead the masses in
growing goodness, becoming a better person, and supporting the spread of Buddhism;
May I be blessed with a pleasing appearance, a healthy body and a wholesome
physique that is highly conducive for meditation;
May I use all the blessings that I have and will have for good causes only, creating
the kind of life that I can recall with pride and joy;
May I be one with the Dhammakaya within and attain Enlightenment with ease, and
May all this become the foundation for my attainment of Nibbana.



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